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Austin Engagement Photographer – Sneak Peek Jacob & Nicole engagement session – Rainey Street Container Bar

Texas weather is pretty unpredictable and after having to reschedule our photo shoot a couple of times, we finally chose the perfect spring evening for our date.  At first we were pretty nervous because neither of us had ever really done a photo shoot and I especially do not enjoy posing. We decided on Rainey Street because we love the places, attitude and relaxed atmosphere there in the early evening.  However, it was a bit hectic because we came from busy work days, a super fast dinner, and then somehow made it to Lucille’s just in time to miss some of the best light of the day. However, John was great and improvised a plan on the spot to capture great outdoor shots and then move around to the spots with interesting interior lighting and settings. All in all, we felt it was a pretty romantic and fun experience, so definitely an A+. It makes us extremely excited for the rest of our photos!

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