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Austin Engagement Photographers – sneak peek Jacob & Nicole engagement session

Ever since we visited this place through family connections a couple years ago, we knew we had to do something with it.  We enticed John with the possibility of some cool memorabilia and great cars and lucky for us he bought in to the longish drive! It took a few tries to get the perfect weather, but it was totally worth it.  There are just so many possibilities with this place and the dozen cars that were there.  We chose the 1950s Ford Thunderbird with the hard top convertible (I especially like the exhaust pipes), the first year, 1965 Mustang, a Model A Ford with a rumble seat, and an old police car (for obvious reasons).  The grooms whole family was watching but it didn’t really upset the mood at all.  There are also a few crazy pictures thrown in just to keep everything light and reflect our sense of humor. Once again, John brought great energy and ideas and we think everything came out really great.


Austin Engagement Photographers – Sneak Peek Edward & Lora Engagement Session – Palmer Event Center & Rainey Street

Edward and Lora met almost 4 years ago, on a spectacular float trip in New Braunfels, TX. They had a mutual friend, who brought the two together that special July day. Ever since that day, Edward and Lora have been practically inseperable. They love to travel the world together and throughly enjoy college football in the fall. One of their favorite activities is to be outside in the hot texas sun whether that’s laying by the pool, hiking the green belt, or going for a run around townlake. Edward and Lora are getting married this November 2014 and couldn’t be more excited to tie the knot:)

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